Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally m writing a testi fr ma sweetest sis………….i.e………….MAMTA…….d name itself gives a idea of caring 4 some1…….i usually call her pinky dd………….she is a sweet heart…….vry innovative….cannot live widout frnzz………..i luv 2 spend tym wid her !!!!!!!!!.....SHE MAKES ME VERY COMFORTABLE IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS…….n a true lover of punjabi food………..people say dat shez got attitude.. bt its jus dat…. she is 1 step ahead off all d people who calls her attitudious……shez an awesome frnd to hang aroung wid………:p…….:x….:…deze are some smiles frm me to u …another thing is dat … pinky dd’s home u will find all d piccs of a sweetest gal…..nw dd will become an MBA in few days…..if it was in ma hand I will never talk about her marriage cozz I always want to stay wid her…….pinky dd believes in frndship….n in true frndship….mei sab se jyada pinky dd ki hi baat sunta huu….aur kiss ki bhi nai…. nt even of ma parentsss………EK BAAR JO MAINE COMMITMENT KARLI… US K BAAD ME SIRF PINKY DIDI KI SUNTA HU…..LOLZZZZ……shocking dialogue bt
…….nw some more…tariff………..FR U DD…NW DATZ WAT I CALL A BEST SISTER………..BY TEJAS D’SOUZA ! ! ! NW DATZ WAT I CALL A CHUMESHWARI DD…..BY TEHAS LOIUS…….N A STUPENDO FANTABULASLY FANTASTICALL SIS……..HEHEHEHE….N 3 CHEER FR YAA KYA BAAT……… KYA BAAT……….. KYA BAAT!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA as m watchin…. d I d…. thoda asar toh aa hi jaega naa………I knw she’s gonna kill me aftr reading d testi….bt I knw she cant shot at me more den 5 min….as I said she is n sweetheart….INTI MANDI MEI DOO TESTI BHEJ RAHA HU……RETURN ME EK TOH KAR DENA……. N REMEMBER ONE THING DAT U R D BEST………

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Reflection

Hold my hand and guide me
this world of darkness
where nothing holds true..
where sin is cheap
and life is cheaper
where nights are dark
the days even darker
where friends are foes
their laughter a shadow
astonishing in peril
how easy they let go..
hold my hand and hold it true
and the same for you
I would do
laugh with me
and I’ll laugh with you
I trust you
and you alone
feel you are someone
I forever own
I know you will never leave me
I know you will never judge me
You are everything,
the paragon of perfection
Yet you are nothing
but my reflection…

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Life seems to getting better day by day...when I was young i felt this is the best phase of my life, no fear, no tension..In school always lived on cloud 9, & then grew up a little thought college life is better & independent, till den i lived a carefree life. Belongingness to college starts when we enter the final year. Days pass & still we did not realise what are we about to loose, & the last day of college, the day of farewell everyone is crying, parting with friends is a tough job and something that no one wants to do. There were cries that this was the most beautiful phase of life & will never come again.
I guess even I said those words maybe. But 4 years down the line I guess maybe I was wrong. Life is beautiful always. It doesn’t matter what phase is it and what class or work we are performing. It totally depends on how we take life. If school was good then college life was great & now this courtship period is awesome and not to mention the life ahead may be even better. It’s just the perception of the person. If you enjoy life as it comes to you then you are never going to regret about your past or maybe think that past was better. Obviously memories remain and they should remain, good ones always remain close to the heart. Close friends always remain in contact, again it depends whether you wish to remain in touch. I am still in touch with my college friends even now. Some of whom I haven’t met for around 3-4 years. In the end what matters is WISH
This is not the end of the most beautiful phase of life, IT IS THE BEGINNING.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wishes men understood...

1. Express your love, we know you love us, bt its very nice to hear you say it.
2. If we can tolerate football, Cricket, generally sports et al, you should also watch chic flicks with us.
3. Open doors for us, escort us to our car--- it makes us feel protected...
4. We are not obsessed with shopping, it is our religion...
5. You always don't have to wait for valentines day to be romantic...
6. Men should know that tears don't always mean we are sad, we express every known emotion through our tears, if men learn to understand our tears, they would know whether we are happy or sad, angry or disgusted.
7. Even though we love you, we need our spaces at times; just as you do.
8. We ask, ' what should i wear & how should i look', not because you are a fashion guru, we just like your attention.
9. Every now & den take us out dancing...its not d dance bt d gazing into each others eyes that matters.
10. You can never win an argument with us, so just accept it. we hate to hear the stories of ur ex. & remember it is important that you are a good listener.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Great that we all survived…after “the great dancing session ‘09”. Aah…wt fun…dis ws something I had expected…but the unexpected shock came a night before…17th Oct ’09. I ws busy wid d Diwali Pooja in my Office…& d clock struck 12:00am…my B’day had begun…I knew I’ll be showered wid phone calls from everywhere….I even knew who would call 1st….I ws surrounded by my Office colleagues’ but I ws completely shattered when everything jst did not happened as I had expected…jst few calls frm relatives …dts it…hw can dt b possible…where wr my friends…y dint they cal me up…every single person who meets me even 1ce…know how important the day is for me…I don’t even waste a single moment den… my Bro wished me & around 12:15 v left for my home since v had a Pooja again at 2:30am……So we talked the whole way home about birthday’s and how disappointed i was that nobody even bothered to even wish me up that night,. It must have been really hard for him to tell me that i was about to be surprised! =)
While I ws busy in d office… all my close friends’ spunk in2 my house…decorated my room…as soon as I entered... I heard a light sound of music coming from my room…still I could nt make it… as I walked in the room….. Everyone yelled “surprise!” and TOTALLY SHOCKED ME! It was beautiful!!!

Aaah..wt a party…we did everything wt a normal party demands…from cake cutting 2 playing 2 dancing 2 going for a walk at 1:00 am…had 2 come back soon 4 the Pooja….but it was great fun indeed…
& d other day…ws rocking as every years B’day….even though few moments did get spoiled... but apart from that it was exactly how I wanted it 2 be…& I was wid all of them whom I wanted 2 be wid…now d countdown 4 my B’day begins again…only 50 weeks 2 go...yuppie

Sunday, September 6, 2009

lost friendship...still dreamt abt my bst friend....

For the longest time we haven't spoken to each other. Maybe it was your arrogance that made me believe you didn't care about me. Or maybe it was the coldness I gave you as a response to your arrogance. I guess deciding whose fault is useless now because all I know is that things aren't what they used to and will probably remain that way. You may never know how much I loved our friendship. So when everything changed, I was dragged into a deep depression and hated you with a passion. How could have I lost my best friend? I know you always felt we had contrary thoughts & Secretly, you knew I knew. But we never spoke about it. I liked the fact that it never got in the way of our friendship. And now I wonder what horrible thing happened that made you ruin it for the both of us.

But maybe you'll be happy to know that I had a dream about you last night. It made me so happy, my first thought was to write it down. In my dream, we were both talking. I can't quite remember how it began, but I remember us walking through the mall. What were we doing at the mall? I do not even know. They say dreams are the path to your subconscious mind, but I really don't understand how a mall would be applicable to this. Continuing with the dream... it was the first time I had seen you in a very long time so I decided to talk to you out of politeness. It was small talk; "So how have you been doing?" "How's so and so?". were so different than from what I remembered. We sat down on a bench. I guess the awkward silence that followed made you ask something about my religion. You always knew me as the girl who was deeply religious and so you knew I'd easily break the silence trying to explain these things to you. I began talking crazily, about this and that, that and this-I honestly don't even remember what I said. But I was so into explaining such concepts that to you my eyes kept wandering as though there was too much to explain at once. As I kept rambling, I heard you chuckle. I looked at you in confusion and I saw you smiling at me.

You smiled at me as if you were saying, "I missed you". It was at that moment when I saw the old you. So I smiled back.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Since last we touched.....

our minds have parted and between us now we find a wall.

Indifference fills our hearts complete

As though there never was

A you and me.

Friendship has died and with it all respect.

Our relationship is that of STRANGERS

But we can't turn back

The hands of time to regain the time we lost…